MOBOTIX Receives “Secure by Default” Certification

Proactive Approach to Cyber Security

MOBOTIX has always highlighted the importance of cyber-security and privacy protection in their products which made MOBOTIX cameras one of the most cyber-secure products on the market. 

Due and increasing number of cyber-attacks, cyber-security is more important than ever. That is precisely why we are so excited to announce that MOBOTIX received "Secure by Default" Certification in the UK.  The certification for the new MOBOTIX 7 platform includes the new IP video system M73, as well as the Mx6 product line.

MOBOTIX has been approved based on the 12 Guiding Principles of the Surveillance Camera Commissioner:

  see the 12 guiding principles

“The certification mark demonstrates to customers and stakeholders alike that the products listed on my website meet the new minimum requirements I expect in terms of cyber-secure surveillance camera products. It’s great that we have a number of proactive manufacturers like MOBOTIX AG leading the way toward a common goal to develop products that to mitigate potential cyber-threats.”

-Tony Porter, Surveillance Camera Commissioner

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