DIGIFORT investigative analytics

Digifort's new Video Synopsis module offers innovative features and tools for video forensics and electronic surveillance projects.

A video synopsis can reduce the review time of a given video clip for forensic (investigative) purposes - the material is reduced from hours to minutes. The accelerated display is made possible thanks to a patented compression of the video information. This compression creates a visual summary that allows the operator to visualise multiple events occurring at different times and displayed simultaneously - overlaying all items while displaying the individual time codes of each item.

Digifort Synopsis delivers agility, objectivity and speed in its search, with filters for color, size, direction of travel and schedules among others. Greatly reducing the analysis of long hours of video into minutes. Allowing easy and fast identification and location of specific individuals, objects or scenes.  This module requires a separate server to increase processing capacity and speed of use. Video Synopsis is a separate module requiring a separate licence.

Easy installation


Odoo • Text and Image


Counting and locating (by colour)

Finding missing people in public places

Investigative analytics and Time-Lapse video format

Investigating crime, theft and robbery in different locations

Search by direction, speed, idle or object size


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