DIGIFORT in-dept video analytics

A powerful video analytics module used in conjunction with the Digifort VMS client interface. Enables monitoring to be more efficient and intelligent, helping operators to process claims faster and detect anomalies. Designed for continuous operation, it does not require the operator's constant attention.

It continuously analyses programmed behavioural situations, generating alarms according to events that occur during operation, such as:

  • a car speeding;

  • a person entering the property;

  • a car parked or stopped in a restricted space;

  • an abandoned property;

  • object removed;

  • or even a warning of suspicious movements.

Video analysis generates statistical reports and graphs for all system events, such as counting objects and people, abandoned objects and face detection.

This has several advantages, such as:

  • improved algorithm for object detection and tracking;

  • easy configuration and use;

  • efficient and uncomplicated solution.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Due to its high processing requirements, this module requires its own server, which can process up to 30 cameras using analytics.  Licences are sold per camera and can be used with any camera in the system, IP or encoder. 

Analytics are built from specific algorithms and require properly trained staff,  to get the results you want. Each analytical module has its own characteristics and unique settings for its precise operation, such as camera height, position, appropriate lighting, adjustment rules.


Counting and filtering of people and vehicles, direction of movement

Camera damage and vandalism

Speed analytics


Abandoned and taken items

Hesitating/boredom (in restricted areas)

Virtual barriers and fences

Face recognition


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