DIGIFORT license plate recognition

Digifort LRP is a module that identifies vehicle number plates using optical character recognition (OCR) and stores them in a database for immediate or future searches. They can be associated with any event required, generate alarms or automate the environment.

Digifort number plate recognition can be used for:

  • on motorways;

  • on city streets;

  • in parking lots;

  • in shopping centres;

  • businesses;

  • or anywhere else where identification of the car number plate is needed.

Possibility to identify which vehicles are allowed or not allowed to enter the territory, automatically open gates/barriers, open them with traffic restrictions (stolen car, overdue OCTA, unpaid fines, other restrictions). Warnings, confiscation of vehicles, vehicle reporting are also provided.


Integration with internal and external databases

Working with a virtual loop or physical loop

Reads vehicle number plates at any speed (limited only by the resolution of the camera itself)

Suspicious car reports

Integration with access control devices (gates)

Unlimited database for number plate registration

Allows search by date, time, number, character set, partial number and camera

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