DIGIFORT video management 

Digifort products are designed to offer the highest quality video surveillance and management software, surpassing market standards and requirements while providing tailored features for a wide range of applications.

VMS solutions

Digifort has developed the Digifort Mobile Client, a Java-based application for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones (Android and IoS) that allows visualisation and playback of images from IP cameras and encoders.

Ideal for businesses and individuals, Digifort Server allows users to view and control cameras, PTZs, activate settings or functions from anywhere at any time. It is an add-on to the system (not an additional module), which means that no licence is required. Available from version 7.

Digifort VMS benefits:

Available from over 240 manufacturers worldwide

More than 6,500 device models built into the system

Full alarm system and automation

Reading car number plates

Intelligent Image Analysis Model

Integration with any access control system

Biometrics, CRM and ERP

City management software

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Used in small offices, residences, self-employed shops, small and medium-sized enterprises in general. A reliable solution whose main features are the recording and monitoring of images from IP and/or analogue cameras connected via DVR, NVR or Video Encoders.

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Recommended for customers who need an affordable application for up to 32 cameras and some more advanced features such as an integrated web server. With this version you can control PTZ cameras with just one mouse click. 

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For medium and large businesses requiring features such as PTZ with joystick, synoptic map, up to 16 unique user profiles, unlimited connections, web servers, camera view via mobile phone, integration with other Digifort modules (e.g. alarm and automation modules or Digifort Evidence).

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Recommended for medium and large enterprises that require a system with unlimited tools and functionality, alarm solutions, access control and automation. In addition to the features available in other versions of the software, this version includes the ability to integrate alarm and automation modules, unlimited cameras, IP filters and server status reports.

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Digifort mobile camera

With the Digifort Mobile Camera app, you can turn your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet into a camera, streaming live video to your Digifort server for viewing on your monitoring client or other mobile clients. This feature consumes only one licensed camera, as it would be an IP device, providing full mobility, making it easier to inspect construction sites, for example. Very useful for a surveillance system as it allows recording images where it is not possible to install cameras. 

Practical, fast, mobile, versatile and easy to install

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