Digifort VMS (video management system) is an open platform that offers unlimited integrated solutions combined with the highest quality and lowest cost of ownership in the industry. Digifort VMS has the advantage of performance and stability without requiring large CPU and RAM resources.

Today, many services are complemented by advanced information-gathering features from sources such as Google Maps that use GPS data. Digifort has incorporated such specialised systems specifically to increase global situational awareness, breaking the attachment to traditional methods. More effective decision-making requires higher quality subsystems. This allows those responsible for security to take quicker and more effective decisions to act. 


Which sectors are already using Digifort VMS?

Digifort risinājumi ir paredzēti sabiedrības drošībai

Public safety

Purpose: to capture and record evidence of criminal activity in public places, to create a safe environment for citizens, to deter anti-social behaviour, to monitor and ensure public safety.

Digifort risinājumi ir paredzēti, lai veiksmīgāk pārvaldītu satiksmes plūsmu


Purpose: to manage traffic flow, monitor intruders, deter and investigate criminal behaviour. Monitor the enforcement of traffic laws, thus facilitating decision-making when investigating accidents or emergencies.

Digifort risinājumi ir paredzēti, lai aizsargātu īpašumu

Retail and services

Purpose: to detect and monitor intrusions, prevent access to sensitive areas, protect valuable property, resources and information, monitor car parks, detect and prevent theft. 

Digifort risinājumi ir paredzēti, lai nodrošinātu objektu un darbinieku drošību

Critical infrastructure facilities

Purpose: to prevent accidents and disasters, ensure the safety of facilities and personnel, monitor the performance of critical assets and control points, and enable rapid and efficient analysis and auditing. 

Digifort risinājumi ir paredzēti, lai palīdzētu izveidot drošu mācību vidi


Purpose: to create a safe learning environment, monitor and prevent harmful and illegal activities such as substance abuse or teasing. Detection of illegal visitors, protection and prevention of damage to schools/universities.

What is important to know about VMS?

Meeting user requirements for complex VMS solutions - a more intuitive and user-friendly interface.

As a machine with deep learning can make video analysis smarter.

Video analysis based on a standard computer vision cannot reach its full potential.  

Solutions from Digifort

Digifort risinājumi ir uzticami, viegli konfigurējami

Video management

A complete IP video management platform with advanced alarm, non-routine event and incident management and environment automation all in one system. A reliable, easy to configure and manage system for video surveillance over the Internet.

Digifort risinājumi piedāvā automatizētu numurzīmju lasīšanu

Recognition of number plates (Digifort LPR)

Automated number plate reading solution fully integrated into the Digifort video management system. Automatic alerts, alarms and preset functions, statistical charts and integration with third-party systems.

Digifort risinājumi ir piemēroti zvanu centriem un attālinātai serveru kontrolei


Manage and record Windows computer systems remotely. Suitable for call centres, remote server control and integrated software management.  

Digifort risinājumi nodrošina padziļinātu video analītiku

In-depth video analytics 

Business intelligence without video monitoring, providing valuable statistical information for business analytics and proactive action. Behavioural situations can be programmed with automatic generation of events and alarms.

Digifort risinājumi nodrošina mobilo monitoringu

Mobile monitoring 

Turn your smartphone or tablet (Android/IOs) into a mobile camera that is integrated into the video management system and streams images in real time directly to the monitoring centre.

Digifort risinājumi nodrošina izmeklēšanas analītiku

Investigative analytics 

An innovative and technological solution for reviewing hours of recordings in a few moments. Quick Review provides a summary of all events, allowing you to quickly find what you want using colour, object size, speed, direction and other filters.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

It is a video management software or video surveillance management system that is an integral part of an organisation's security infrastructure. It allows you to capture, record, store, view and analyse the resulting video.

Digifort VMS is used to manage the captured video data, e.g. vehicle number plate reading, intelligent image analysis module, integration with any access control system, biometrics, CRM, ERP, city management software, etc.

Digifort VMS is managed via iOS or Android apps on a smartphone or tablet where the app is installed. It allows you to turn your smart device into a camera, transmitting the video online to the Digifort server, allowing it to be viewed by the monitoring client or other mobile clients.

The VMS system allows you to be completely mobile as the video is transmitted from your smart devices to the Digifort server. It facilitates the monitoring process as it allows images to be recorded in places where cameras cannot be installed, such as construction sites.

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