Genetec management system

More than just a security! Genetec's unified security management system connects your security systems, sensors and data in a single interface to simplify your daily operations. Genetec video and access control products have been recognized as industry-leading solutions for the last 5 years.

Unified security, unlimited possibilities

As new security technologies and sensors become increasingly available, an open approach to security is essential. But over time, integration is becoming insufficient. APIs and interfaces designed for one purpose reach their limits and your system no longer meets your needs. Genetec Security Center is a different kind of platform! It is built from the ground up to unify data so you can manage security policies, monitor events and investigate. The extensive capabilities allow you to extend your system with the technology you need to face new threats. And because it's not focused on one narrow set of tasks, it seamlessly accommodates new types of data in one interface.

Why choose Genetec Security Center?

Proven performance

The solution is trusted by some of the world's most demanding organisations to keep people safe and operations running.

Safe construction

The nature of the threat has changed. The Security Centre helps you implement a comprehensive cyber security strategy to keep your system and data safe.

A reliable network

Genetec partners receive ongoing technical training as well as support from the engineering team.

Start on the road to common security! 

The Security Center is the foundation of Genetec's unified security portfolio. It allows you to connect your security system at the speed of your choice, starting with a single core system. Even if you are only interested in upgrading your video surveillance or access control, taking the next step is easy. With Security Center - you'll be ready to face new threats and challenges. 


Scale within and outside the organization

Security Center makes it easy to manage growth and engage with stakeholders, from a single building to a global network.

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Technology Vision

From day one, Genetec has focused on innovations that make life better. The company builds flexible, connected solutions that provide not only security, but also operational insights to improve your business and your environment.

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A different approach to combining multiple systems

Genetec's original intention was to reduce the large number of security solutions. After talking to customers, the company knew that integrating each security product together takes a lot of time, cost and effort to maintain and update separately. With this knowledge, Genetec decided to create a physical security platform that would allow multiple products to be combined to work as one.

Easily expand your security system

Built on a single platform, Security Center not only takes advantage of new technologies, but also add-ons that allow you to take full advantage of the core systems. 

Enter events, activate alarms and act on all your security data. Centralise your security to reduce noise and intervention time.


Advantages  or moving towards an even higher level of safety

Data integration is at the heart of business development. It is what enables customers to improve the way they manage their physical security operations. If all physical security operations, functions and data are sourced from one system, you can leverage the flow of data across all security operations. This facilitates and improves the security of people, buildings and assets, while also boosting operational efficiency.

How is merging different from integration?

In essence, single safety is a set of products designed as a whole. You can switch different modules on or off, but you cannot disconnect them because they do not exist. Integration is when you connect one system to another; it has its advantages, but having to update and maintain multiple systems is not one of them.

Open architecture

Open means the right to choose. 

The security platform was built on an open architecture. This means that the core physical security products are unified and you can add functionality or data from other products to the system. You are free to choose from a long list of software tools that can extend your Genetec platform and still be able to see and manage everything from a single interface.

Flexibility and scalability

The key to unlocking long-term value.

A single solution supports your long-term growth needs by facilitating data flow and management across all security activities. Genetec ensures that you can easily add licences and modules as needed - without compatibility issues.

Simplify daily operator tasks

Break away from the traditional approach of using multiple independent systems and use a user interface that presents all possible physical security features as a single experience. This empowers operators by giving them the information they need to work more efficiently, make better decisions and respond faster to incidents.

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Empowering our customers to protect everyday life

Our customers inspire us to look forward. Whatever we do, Genetec is always thinking about how we can meet your safety needs, serve your business and help you grow. By working with you and other security professionals across industries, Genetec builds knowledge that is applied in our products to benefit our global user base.

After more than 25 years and 1,600 employees, Genetec still operates like any other start-up, creatively using technology to help solve new problems.

Genetec is where you need to be! Innovations that make everyday operations easier.

"Security is not static, it is constantly evolving - which is why Genetec's innovative and flexible solutions adapt to changing realities. The company understands that the challenges you face today may not be the same ones you face tomorrow. That's why Genetec starts by listening to you, to help you prepare for the road ahead."

Who are Genetec solutions suitable for?

Data centres

Financial institutions


Health care


Traffic management

Public authorities

Energy sector

Genetec works with customers to create solutions that go beyond generic and one-size-fits-all

Whether you work in public safety, transport or retail, your security and operational needs will not be the same. But there are only standardised solutions on the market that need to be tailored to meet your specific needs. Switch to Genetec's unified portfolio of security solutions, carefully tailored to your specific industry. The company has worked with more than 13'000 customers and together they have developed a number of unified solution portfolios to improve your day-to-day security and operations.

Sport and leisure activities

Gambling sector

Public security

Urban security


For retail

Educational institutions

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