MOBOTIX solutions for warehouses

The smooth running of warehouse operations is important for every business that owns one. The warehousing process is closely linked to both the quantitative and qualitative performance of a company. The MOBOTIX camera system is customised and open for integration with other devices or systems.

Many warehouses have warehouse management systems (WMS) and video surveillance systems (VSS), but these are used as separate, stand-alone systems, thus missing out on much of the added value that these systems could provide if they were interconnected. We offer the integration of the MOBOTIX video system with a warehouse management system that simplifies, speeds up and automates the daily operations of the warehouse and thus reduces operating costs.

Some examples of the functions that can be achieved by combining a warehouse management system with a MOBOTIX video surveillance system:

Efficient event search

Video analysis is related to the virtual map of cameras, camera groups and CIS activities.

Benefit:  significantly shortens the analysis of video footage according to selected criteria: goods, goods operations (unloading, loading, order picking, etc.), warehouse location, employee, period, etc. The record is automatically retrieved according to the specified search parameters.

CCTV, warehouse management systems and integration

The exact weight of the goods is automatically monitored during picking and removal.

Benefit: a real-time notification is sent to the person responsible for the quantity discrepancy. This avoids errors in order processing (goods not being received or sent in complete sets, incomplete or surplus quantities).

Detecting events in the selected image area

Selecting the desired area in the image automatically filters all events related to that area.
Benefit :  makes it easier and faster to find forklifts, workers, lost/damaged items without having to go through the entire archive, but only by filtering a specific part of the image. Even if the event detection parameters have not been configured beforehand.

The MOBOTIX camera system is self-contained and can be integrated with other devices or systems.

Each camera is a separate computer that allows you to receive or control information from other devices. Importantly, the system is independent of a single central logic unit. Each camera is a stand-alone device and can perform different actions in communication with other cameras or other systems. This gives you great flexibility, allowing you to create a variety of non-standard and customer-specific solutions.

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