System Components

All-round smart. Easy to set up.

Effortlessly enhance the capabilities of your camera or the entire video system. MOBOTIX offers practical accessories and modules that can be integrated into products and external equipment. These include environmental sensors, infrared spotlights, warning systems, room thermostats, control relays and electrical connections for blinds and barriers.  

Why MOBOTIX is revolutionary: it is much simpler than many "smart home" solutions, which include incompatible equipment. MxBus modules, which can be connected directly to our network cameras using a simple twisted pair cable, and the license-free MxBroadcast communication system, which is available free of charge, allow users to integrate almost any analogue or digital device into an IP video network and automatically control it within the network. It is possible, for example, to switch on lights, open an access barrier or completely block access to a building using a user-software button or sensor that causes an alert to sound on the camera.

Expansion modules and sensors

Protect your MOBOTIX camera from electrical overload by adding additional sensors and I/O devices, or use the GPS signal for precise time recording and function recording. The compact, weather-resistant expansion modules, which are only about 8 cm wide, are extremely practical, cost-effective and easy to install in inaccessible places.

Mxwire + medijos keitiklis

Mx2wire+ transforms analogue cables (e.g. unused phone or antenna wires) into a modern PoE network using a plug-and-play solution. With a maximum connection length of 500 m, the system can be used as a cost-effective, secure method to connect IP cameras, video cameras at entrances and standard PoE equipment with power, or to connect computers to the network.

MxIRLight ir MxSplitProtect

Invisible to the human eye, energy-saving light even in total darkness. Only standard PoE+ is needed to supply power to the MOBOTIX infrared light source. Thanks to MxSplitProtect, up to two PoE devices (IEEE 802.3af/at) can be connected via an existing network cable without installing additional network cabling.  


A PoE network appliance, MxThinClient is MOBOTIX's intelligent, easy-to-use solution for capturing online video from cameras and door stations to be displayed on HDMI-equipped monitors or TVs. It provides completely new possibilities, dispensing with controls such as keyboard and computer mouse and using "online picture functionality". 


The 100 Mbps Network Switch is a compact hat rail type mounting module that can be used to connect and power up to four MOBOTIX cameras or other PoE/PoE+ devices. In addition, the MxSwitch offers exclusive distribution technology that makes connecting and using a MOBOTIX door station easier than ever.