Video surveillance tower

A top quality mobile security tower with a mast that can be extended up to 6 metres and is vandal-proof thanks to its robust housing. The solution is continuously innovated based on market and customer requirements, thus improving the security standards of the tower.

Short-term, fast and safe protection!

Protect people, objects and property.

Mobile security towers are used to protect unmanned sites and temporary installations, as well as to provide additional support to manned on-site security. 

The market for temporary and rapid deployment video surveillance systems is growing rapidly. This mobile tower can save up to 60% of the cost of security personnel and detect intruders even faster. In parallel, damage, loss or delays to ongoing projects are minimised.

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Types of application :

Improving security at major events, festivals, concerts and public meetings

Security at construction and industrial sites

Road and traffic surveillance, railway track surveillance

Protection of unoccupied properties and infrastructure

Reducing cable and metal theft

Wind and solar farm safety

Crime hotspots, such as car parks or secluded areas

Preventing and minimising the risk of fire

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Create a customised video surveillance solution

The Mobile Security Tower is designed to be compatible with all major manufacturers of surveillance equipment. There is enough space inside to safely store all your electronic equipment or power, as the tower is vandal-proof. This will give you the flexibility to design your own solution to meet market and customer requirements.

The main advantage is that you are not tied to an expensive pre-built solution. This means you can save money and time. In addition, you can differentiate your solution with your own equipment and brand according to the specific market. 

Optionally add/ choose optional equipment:

Data transfer

3G/ 4G/ 5G

Source of energy

Mains power, back-up battery, fuel cells, solar power

Video surveillance cameras

PTZ, thermal, ANPR etc.

Recording device

Autonomous DVR, VMS, NVR

Additional options

Motion sensors, audio and public address devices, lighting


Custom design on each side promoting your or your client's business

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Easy, fastand vandal-resistant 

Mobile Safety Tower functions:

  • Built-in 6 m extendable mast with 4 spoke mast top and standard mounts for video surveillance cameras or illuminator.

  • Steel cables at the mast head to reduce camera vibrations that cause false alarms.

  • The 2 m x 1 m panels are easy to brand with a personalised message on all four sides, making it a highly visible way to advertise your business.

  • Quick installation by just one engineer using a manual winch, reducing installation costs.

  • Vandal-resistant lockable steel box with two lockable top lids to protect the electronic equipment inside.

  • Four retractable stabilisers and a spirit level keep the mast stable in strong winds up to 85 km/h.

  • Heavy-duty loader slot and attachment points for easy transport and on-site deployment.

Easily transportable to location :

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Single and double trailers - specially designed trailers for the telescopic tower safety structure are available in single and double axle versions. Use a forklift or a specially designed trailer to transport and install the mobile safety tower quickly and easily.

Heavy support wheel: shock absorbers, wheel chocks, adjustable width forks, link hooks and rails, hot-dip galvanised chassis. 

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