KENTIX Smart Monitoring

Kentix360 – The security central for your coat pocket

With the integrated Cloud solution Kentix360 you always have the security state of your system at hand. As the IT administrator you will be informed about all possible threats, thanks to the app even via smartphone or tablet. This way, you can react as quickly as possible and possibly to prevent damages before they occur.  Kentix360 also allows you to arm or disarm alarm zones remotely. Moreover, it reminds you to do routine check ups of the system and regularly scans all system components for functionality.

Which Kentix product monitors which risks in your IT infrastructure – find out in the new threat-matrix!

MultiSensor RF
MultiSensor LAN MultiSensorDoor StarterSet-BASIC StarterSetPRO
Number of monitored threats 20 19 10 30 37
Subnormal temperature - frost
Faulty air condition
Faulty dehumidification
Faulty air condition control
Clogged filters
Failure AC device
Smouldering fire at cables / devices
Smouldering fire in electricity distributors
Defective components
Fire - fire gases
Battery degasification (H-hydrogen)

Unauthorized access
Attempted intrusion
Accessing unauthorized sub-areas (Racks, Cabinets)
Power loss - failure
Loss of active system components
Loss of services (HTTP, SMTP, VPN, DB etc.)
Performance loss
Sabotage - Burglary
Defective fans
Fault signal of external devices
 WATER INTRUSION - MOISTURE (Optional leakage sensor needed)
Open windows * * * *
Defective plumbing in the room * * * *
Defective plumbing in adjacent rooms and floors * * * *
Leakage air condition * * * *
Power failure
Overvoltage - peak *
Power flicker - temporary power outages *
Power undervoltage *
Deviation of power / UPS-frequency *
Overcurrent - overload *
UPS operation
UPS defect - disorder
UPS battery failure
UPS residual maturity

* additional sensors required