MOBOTIX Video Surveillance Cameras

MOBOTIX is a professional video surveillance system manufacturer in Germany. A wide range of German IP cameras so you can choose a reliable video surveillance camera that suits specifically your needs.

Indoor cameras

Discreet, multi-functional video security

Despite their extremely low system costs, our indoor cameras feature all coveted MOBOTIX functions. MOBOTIX cameras can be configured and operated via PC, tablet or smartphone browser without requiring additional software.

Outdoor cameras

Robust, Durable and Multifunctional

From Antarctica to the tropical swamps of Florida, MOBOTIX cameras are known around the world for their reliability, even under the harshest environmental conditions, and prove it each and every day.

Thermal cameras for temperature measuring

Fascinating, Effective, Affordable

Complement your perimeter protection and fire prevention solutions with a technology that has only recently become widely available. These weatherproof MOBOTIX thermal cameras detect and register objects and people using a thermal signature, even in total darkness.

MOVE cameras

Technology Premiere At MOBOTIX

MOBOTIX has added the new MOBOTIX MOVE series to their current Mx6 camera range. There are four camera models: 2x PTZ SpeedDome, 1x bullet camera, 1x VandalDome.

Specialized Cameras

Surveillance for on-standard conditions

Special purpose video surveillance cameras for non-standard conditions. These cameras are equipped with communication equipment and batteries which make the installation process quick and easy since there is no need to worry about the infrastructure.

Video Door Station

Home Door Surveillance System

The MxDisplay + is a wall-mounted, automation server with touch screen, featuring internal WiFi and RFID functionality. The new Mobotix T26 Network Home Door Surveillance System offers an unprecedented range of possibilities.

Data Storage

MOBOTIX NAS - Secure Data Storage

A highly efficient complete solution with secure data storage from a single source, which now allows decentralized and centralized video components to be easily combined.



Represented manufacturers and Altas IT software for various video surveillance solutions.


Intelligent Solutions for Your Business

We create intelligent solutions in order to increase the efficiency and productivity of companies, while searching for added value tailored to challenges that our client face in their practice.

System Components

Allround Clever

Expand the features of your camera or entire video system with ease. MOBOTIX offers practical add-on devices and modules for integrating in-house and external devices.