Clear the Clutter

With controllers and speakers built into the walls and ceilings, your home is essentially free of box speakers and trailing wires.

Up to 6 Audio Sources and FM

The 400 Series provides up to 6 sources of audio. 5 "piped" channels from your audio equipment, Satellite receiver etc., and the option of a distributed FM channel from the Central Unit.

FM Tuner - in every room

The 400 Series has the option of a built-in FM radio tuner in the control panel - so every room has it’s own independent radio. Any room can listen to the radio station of their choice - news, rock, easy listening - without effecting the other rooms. You can even wake up to your favorite program with the built-in alarm clock.


This is one of our most popular features. Each 400 Series panel has a discrete built-in microphone which allows you to page the whole house (dinner’s ready!!) or talk room to room without disturbing any others. The intercom includes options for Do-Not-Disturb and calls can be answered at some distance from the Control Unit. The intercom can be operated from the optional Remote Control.

Baby Monitor

Relax as the built-in room monitor ensures you can keep an ear on the baby in their nursery or toddlers in the playroom. But more than just babies, the monitor is a great fit where there are older people or special needs.

Auxiliary Input

EISSOUND recognized early on how music would become portable and personal. Every control unit  has an audio input (Jack 3,5mm) to connect your iPod/iPhone  or any other audio device and play it through the speakers in that room.

As many rooms as you like

The nature and design of other multiroom audio systems limits you to 4, 6 or maybe 8 "zones". All EISSOUND multiroom products are built to operate as one room, two rooms, five rooms… any number up to 50+ rooms. This modular room-by-room installation means there's a solution for every home providing great sound quality.


Up to 4 Audio Sources - 120 Rooms!

The 100 Series can be installed to distribute 1, 2 or 4 audio sources. This multi-purpose system, which can be extended to 120 zones, is installed in homes, buildings, schools, bars, restaurants and shopping malls providing you with the freedom to enjoy music everywhere.

Auxiliary Audio Input & FM radio

All of the Units have an audio input (Jack 3,5mm) to plug in your Smartphone/iPod/iPhone or any other audio device,  in your room for your own listening. Simply plug your device into the controller and listen to your music through the speakers connected in your room. It also has the option of a built-in FM radio tuner in the control panel - so every room has it’s own independent radio.

Intercom calls

The 100 Series paging system makes calling other rooms a breeze. Just push the button and speak towards the tiny mic and you will be heard in the other rooms around your home.