People-flow Counting and Surveillance Solution

Increase operational efficiency of your business

In order to ensure security and more efficient allocation of resources, we recommend a smart People-flow Counting and Surveillance Solution.

Modern and compact (weight of just 200 g) device designed for accurate people-flow counting and reliable video surveillance. The device is easy to install and is suitable for mounting on suspended ceilings. Extremely wide-angle device (360°) ensures an image without blind areas.

This solution consists of a camera(s) (depending on the need), which is mounted into the ceiling, communications device, and a cloud based data center.

In order to see live or recorded footage as well as reports, internet connection and computer, tablet or smartphone is needed.

Technical characteristics


up to 6MPx

Data storage

Expandable to 128 GB

Watch the recordings
Small network traffic usage
An alternative 4G connection to the Internet
Just connect to the power supply
Easy to instal
Low energy consumption

4W average


  • Optimization of working hours and personnel according to hourly or annual data analysis, peak hours, seasonality, etc.

  • Theft prevention

  • Impact assessment of marketing actions.

  • Easier comparison of customer flow statistics (by location, weather conditions, hours of operation, etc.).

  • The statistics of several observed rooms in one report.

  • Greater revenue and profitability


  • Bidirectional counting at a time.

  • High image quality.

  • Collection and preservation of data in case of a network failure.

  • No blind areas (360 ° viewing angle).

  • View live video, recordings, and reports remotely from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

  • The Intelligent Motion Detection System saves the storage space