RAYTEC Pulsed Illuminators

Raytec Pulsed illuminators ensures the highest levels of light on scene to illuminate fast moving objects for ANPR/LPR and machine vision applications, while extending LED life and maximising energy savings.

Available in Infra-Red and White-Light, PULSESTAR illuminators synchronise the lighting pulse with the camera shutter to deliver high-performance lighting on–demand. PULSESTAR Infra-Red illuminators deliver powerful pulsed lighting for transport and machine vision applications including ANPR/LPR. With up to 660W of lighting drive power, Platinum Elite twin-core SMT LEDs and illumination that can be pulsed in synchronisation with the camera shutter, they deliver high intensity lighting on-demand to illuminate fast moving objects. All models feature an interchangeable lens system with Hot-spot Reduction Technology for perfect even illumination. Universal 100-230V AC PSU included (24V DC optional).