STROPS Technologies is a company with focus on developing and producing standard security solutions for non-standard application.

STROPS AVS is a unique rapid deployment video surveillance system that solves security issues in areas without grid electricity. The system provides fully functional video surveillance in areas without or with limited grid electricity. It works on battery and communicates via cellular data.

Everything you need is built in The STROPS AVS. It is equipped with two independent HiRes optical sensors, built in DVR as well as notification manager informing you on every single alarm notification which helps you secure your valuable assets.

The system is first in world with modular concept – battery and electronics are separated from each other. It allows to maintain the STROPS AVS more efficient. Connecting battery is as simple as sliding one part onto other.

Camera casing has been manufactured from Aluminum and powder painted in two versions: dark gray+white; camouflage+dark green.

The STROPS AVS works on 2G, 3G un 4G and requires real IP address or DDNS. For better connection in remote areas the solution has been equipped with MIMO router and antenna.

User benefits

A complete video surveillance system in areas without or with limited access to grid electricity
Alarm notifications using cellular data

10 year battery operation
Installation in minutes
Battery exchange in seconds
Lower cost for maintenance

Key features and facts

  • Battery lasts up to 72h and 144h (depends on battery version)

  • Charging cycles up to 600 (operate more than 10 years)

  • Rapid deployment on-site. Strap andPlay

  • Fastest battery exchange (requires seconds)

  • Swap batteries instead of system

  • Monitor all STROPS at one portal (mobile ready)

  • Wide Event notification (Motion detection, light and sound detection, State of Charge notification (Low battery, battery empty, charging, discharging, unplugged, time to empty), etc.)