Controlling access and opening hours for businesses

ACT Enterprise's access control and time and attendance solutions help control access to premises and assets by 'authorised' and 'unauthorised' persons or visitors. Quality access control does this as accurately and efficiently as possible. 

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          ACT - a secure investment in your future

          An access control system is a sophisticated but convenient way to protect rooms or buildings, reducing the need for key access. The installation and maintenance of an access control system is simple and time-saving, regardless of previous experience. It allows you to do more, easier and in less time!

          ACT Enterprise offers a compatible app for both Apple and Android users for real-time monitoring, user management and administration from a smartphone.

          Piekļuves kontroles sistēmas instalēšana un uzturēšana ir vienkārša un tā neprasa daudz laika, neatkarīgi no iepriekšējās pieredzes

          Did you know?

          • The ACT system has been awarded several industry certifications - ensuring ACT is a customisable solution that combines high-end access control with recognisable brands. 

          • The software functionality allows you to manage an access control system for up to 4000 doors (100 with ACT Enterprise Lite) and up to 50 PCs.

          Where ACT access control is already used?

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          The flexibility of ACT makes it easy to manage public areas and allow access to restricted areas, while preventing unauthorised access.

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          Commerce and industry

          A safe environment for customers and employees is a top priority for any organisation. Ensure safe access and fire safety!

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          Students and teachers need access to cloakrooms, classrooms, events and gyms on a daily basis. ACT smart card solutions provide the most efficient and secure use of technology in schools and universities.

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          With global threats at air and ground transport hubs, real-time monitoring will help staff to improve security.

          ACT software is the solution for managing multiple sites in one place.

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          Government and local authorities

          A particularly high level of security is essential for government, military and national security buildings. ACT will provide protection against chip fraud and security breaches. 

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          A harsh environment facing immediate dangers and extreme weather conditions. The ACT reader's robust enclosure and waterproofing will be particularly appreciated on construction sites. 

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          From tens of thousands of people in a stadium on match day to small fitness centres. Use input and output recordings - ACT is a reliable solution.

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          Locking systems that control access to tills, suppliers and their vehicles can be fully integrated with the ACT range of products.

          6 reasons to choose ACT Enterprise:

          Avoids unnecessary costs

          No need to change locks if, for example, keys are lost or stolen


          Easily disconnect linked cards or chips if an employee needs to deny access

          'Safer' doors

          The door can be set to automatically lock the moment it is closed

          Control access rights and time

          Decide when and where staff have access to the company and its premises


          Find out when and where someone is on the premises and follow the reports at your convenience

          List of alarms

          Keep an accurate list of all employees, e.g. in case of fire or emergency 


          Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

          The Access and Time and Attendance Control System is an automated time and attendance monitoring system that helps to enforce access to premises and assets by authorised persons, while recording the duration of presence on site.

          The ACT Enterprise time and facility access control system can be tailored to meet the security requirements of any industry and facility. The most common applications for time and attendance and access control systems are healthcare, industrial, transport construction and leisure companies, as well as institutions and public administrations. 

          One of the main trends in the market over the last decade has been the increasing responsibility of company managers and directors. They are responsible not only for controlling access to their building, but also for the health and safety of the people who enter it. The 'strength and depth' of the system is also increased by the functions of time reporting and attendance recording.

          ACT Enterprise is scalable from one to thousands of doors and is easy to install and use.

          ACT Enterprise continues to grow, evolve and solve problems for every user of the system. The smartphone app has been refined and developed, integration with Vanderbilt's award-winning SPC security and access control intrusion detection system and integration with wireless locks has been established. Vanderbilt has always focused specifically on integration issues and this plays a key role in the latest version of ACT Enterprise.

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