SiPass for unified management of security systems at industrial sites

Vanderbilt's flexible and scalable security management that fully adapts to your organisation and its requirements. The solution fits easily into the business and security infrastructure of corporate customers.

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Vidē drošu pārvietošanās brīvību nodrošinās SiPass integrētais risinājums

SiPass integrated solution: freedom of movement in a secure environment!

Access control system with a high level of security. SiPass can also be used to integrate access control, intrusion detection and video surveillance into one common system. Communication between all system controllers is decentralised (P2P), independent of the SiPass server, so that if the connection to the server is interrupted, the system is not affected.

    Why is access control necessary?

    Threat prevention
    Threats and security breaches on the rise intensity and frequency  
    Company assets, people and  protection of infrastructure
    Information flow
    Know who is in your building and where during an emergency  

      Where the SiPass integrated solution is already in place:

      Lielā cilvēku plūsma, kas raksturīga slimnīcām, kā arī zemu un augstu drošības jomu apvienojums var veidot elastīgu un lietotājam draudzīgu sistēmu

      In a hospital setting, accessibility is crucial. The high volume of people that is typical in hospitals and the combination of low and high security areas can make for a flexible and user-friendly system, for example through SiPass integrated access control.  

      Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns
      Universities, student hostels

      SiPass is ideal for a study environment as it allows easy management of access to multiple buildings with different security requirements. During particularly busy periods, such as student enrolment, it can grant access rights, issue card numbers and process many cards.

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      SiPass is designed to manage large access control flows, which is great for airports. Provides a complete access control and security solution with integration into CCTV systems and airport infrastructure. With an easy-to-use interface, security staff can easily and efficiently monitor security. 

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      Safety is of paramount importance in industrial/manufacturing facilities. SiPass helps to address occupational health and safety issues by controlling access and counting data so that it is quick and easy to compile a muster report and trace cardholders in case of emergency.    

      Interactive reporting, separation of operator privileges

      Easily integrate other applications as well as technical support

      Card user data management and web interface

      Graphical user interface for easy operation, customisation options

      Dual monitoring and the system supports a large number of card holders and doors

      Advanced Safety Programming (ASP)

      Benefits of the SiPass integrated solution:

      The modular architecture of the system allows it to be adapted to the needs of each site. Interactive reporting allows quick identification and evaluation of system events.

      Improved identity management through biometric integration and DESfire, MIFARE encryption.

      Dual monitoring and door locking allows specific groups of doors to be separated and ensures that when one door is open, the others cannot be unlocked.  

      Intuitively designed software that is easy to use and manage.

      Advanced alarm management allows you to configure up to 1000 alarm priority levels. Advanced interactive reporting, support for Salto offline components.  

      Tailored security control using ASP (Advanced Security Programming). Operates in an existing IT environment using TCP/IP over WAN/LAN.



      The Message Forwarding option allows the system to automatically send customised text messages to mobile phones or key personnel email addresses whenever security breaches or important events occur.  Video-enabled workstation is a powerful add-on feature that allows you to view video surveillance images from IP or analogue cameras directly on the customer's integrated SiPass solution .


      The Graphics option allows you to design, import and construct customised graphic maps. Security operators use them to visually process alarm conditions and continuously monitor the status of all points in the system. The Visitor Management option allows the same graphical user interface used for permanent card holders to be used for visitor registration. 

      Break-in model

      The SiPass intrusion module provides an intrusion detection function. Motion detectors can be directly connected to the SiPass integrated solution and can be used as an additional intrusion detection system. In this case, the same card readers are used for both access control and for switching the intrusion detection system on and off.

        What I like about the SiPass integrated solution:
        • The web operating system has a completely new user-centred design with a simple, self-explanatory structure and buttons. It is based on the latest HTML technologies and uses high-security communications for data transfer.

        • SiPass integrates additional software modules that allow the system to be adapted to almost any security requirement.

        • The photo ID and image verification option enhances the cardholder tracking function, making it more accessible.

        • With time and attendance downloads, it is easy to retrieve all recorded activity data in the SiPass integrated solution. The data can be exported at a time and in a format that suits the visitor's application.

        Ir viegli iegūt visus reģistrētos darbību datus SiPass integrētajā risinājumā, izmantojot laika un apmeklējumu lejupielādēšanu

                          Readers and cards

                          • Any standard Wiegand reader can be connected to the SiPass integrated solution thanks to a customised interface.

                          • SiPass Integrated System readers can be combined to create a customised system for any organisation's security needs. Features such as secure PC login, vehicle identification and cashless payments.

                          • The customised Wiegand solution allows existing sites to seamlessly upgrade without the need to purchase new cards.

                          • Mifare card technology allows a single card to be used for multiple purposes, including unlocking doors and paying for goods and services. Full Mifare card encoding and profile configuration is a unique feature of the SiPass integrated solution.

                          Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

                          SiPass is an integrated security systems management solution that combines threat prevention, protection and information flow.

                          The SiPass integrated security platform with access control, intrusion detection and video surveillance features is most often chosen by manufacturing companies, hospitals, airports and industrial facilities.

                          The main advantage of the Vanderbilt SiPass integration is the management of all on-site systems through a single system (BMS, UATS, lifts, video, access, etc.). This solution makes it easier and simpler to manage day-to-day processes. This solution not only provides operational efficiency but also reduces the human resources needed to manage the facility.

                          Yes, Vanderbilt SiPass security management solutions are suitable for sites with high security requirements. 

                          Vanderbilt SiPass offers the possibility to integrate:

                          • security systems,

                          • access control systems,

                          • fire safety systems,

                          • building management systems (BMS),

                          • video surveillance systems,

                          • HR management systems,

                          • guest management systems, etc. 

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