Cloud-based access control solution - ACT365

Convenient and modern security solution - VANDERBILT ACT365 is a cloud-based access control and integrated video management solution. The controllers used with the ACT365 cloud service provide remote access and instant management to protect your premises and give you much greater visibility and control over your property.


ACT365:  Mobile security - anytime, anywhere, from any device

Cloud-based access control. Manage your security anywhere, anytime, from any device. Receive and manage all notifications on your phone. App available on Android and IOS.

Most often implemented to control access to conference rooms, sports centres and halls, clubs, bars, restaurants and more.


  • Who needs this product?
  • Hospitals, clinics, military buildings, data centres - server rooms, banks, money storage facilities (petrol stations, chain stores), risk facilities, high voltage facilities, HPPs, construction sites, hotels, hostels, sports clubs, etc.


  • Who will do it?
  • Record when employees arrive/leave the workplace
  • If someone tries to enter a room where they don't have access, they will be recorded and prevented from entering
  • Optimise security
  • Easily monitor sites from anywhere


  • How will the product realise this in an everyday situation?
  • The highest quality safety standards are applied. 
  • Configuration is done via the cloud, but in the event of a network outage it works autonomously


  • Why I need this product right now?
  • The risk of theft increases in times of crisis, so traders need to think regularly and intensively about the security of their business premises and the surrounding area.


  • Why ALTAS IT is the right partner?
  • Customers choose ALTAS IT for the quality and variety of products and solutions it provides. 
  • The customer doesn't just buy a machine, but a whole package of solutions!

Benefits fro ACT365 installation

Main ACT365 advantages

No additional  Software

Easily integrated with additional solutions

App on your phone, computer or tablet

Friendly interface

Time and attendance reports

No server required for maintenance

Simultaneous control of several objects

Always get online video verification of the cardholder

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Why cloud-based security is trustworthy ?

Cloud-based is the term used to refer to applications, services or resources that are available to users on demand over the internet from the servers of a cloud computing service provider. ACT365 is a cloud access and integrated video management solution. Data security is of paramount importance to the Vanderbilt brand and all its customers, which is why it is stored in a Microsoft Azure data centre in Ireland with the same high level of protection as the banking industry. 


Manage multiple users and objects from a single system, and manage objects simultaneously. Video surveillance can be added.


Displaying reports (traceability, access data files). Time attendance - see when an employee arrives. Fire reporting on mobile devices and door unlocking.


Data is stored in Microsoft Azure, which complies with the EU Data Protection Regulation (95/46/EC).


ACT365 is scalable with the ability to remotely manage individual sites, or to monitor multiple sites in parallel via an easy-to-use interface.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The data is stored in a Microsoft Azure data centre in Dublin, Ireland. This is the Microsoft Azure data centre for the Northern Europe region. Microsoft Azure complies with the EU Data Protection Directive (95/46/EC), which relates to the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of that data. Data is stored in the Irish data centre and is not transferred out of the Irish data centre except in the extremely rare circumstances set out in the Directive.

ACT365 databases can only be accessed from specific and validated IP addresses together with authentication passwords. Vanderbilt engineers do not have default access to ACT365 databases. Engineers will only access the ACT365 database for legitimate technical support purposes and also only with the supervision of a senior engineer. 

The data belongs to you. It is placed on the ACT365 system, including CCTV footage, staff information, log events such as access granted or denied, time and attendance information. ACT does not use your data or extract information from it. Your data will always be accessible to you at using your unique username and password. 

Data is secure for the following reasons:

  1. They are stored in Microsoft Azure data centres, which pride themselves on meeting data protection and security standards. This includes adhering to the necessary physical and network security protocols.

  2. All data moving to and from the data centre is encrypted (2048-bit SSL).

  3. If you wish to access the data, you must access it via https: // and the site is password protected.

The data is stored for as long as you use the ACT365 service. If you decide to stop using the ACT365 service, the data will be deleted from the Azure servers. 

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