Access control systems and security solutions

The principle behind Vanderbilt's access control systems is simple. The primary goal is to allow "authorised" people access at the right times, in the right places, and to deny "unauthorised" people access. Vanderbilt access control allows you to create simple, independent systems.

Vanderbilt access control

Access control systems for enterprise and institutional security

Access control in companies and institutions is one of the most important physical security solutions, allowing the control of movement in facilities, both in individual rooms and in groups of rooms. A modern access control system is not only capable of denying access, but also provides the ability to define detailed access times to specific rooms and to keep records of users' arrivals and departures from the facility. The access control system works at user level with access cards, chips and fingerprint readers, but the control and management function is implemented through the cloud-based software. Importantly, access control systems provide the ability to capture and store data on the movements of staff and visitors within facilities, allowing for analysis of attendance and irregularities as required. The use of access control systems has become a common physical security requirement in companies and institutions, but the most common access control systems are used by public administrations, healthcare institutions, military institutions, manufacturing and logistics companies, and hospitality providers.

Access control integration solutions

Access control system integration capabilities not only provide comprehensive management and prevention of physical threats, but also help companies implement and develop internal control and time and attendance systems. In the context of physical security, access control solutions are most often integrated with video surveillance cameras, thermal imaging cameras, security alarm systems and even car parking barriers. Such integrations enable companies and institutions to ensure full prevention and control of perimeter security threats. Time and attendance solutions simultaneously capture and store data on time and attendance - arrivals and departures from the workplace. With a wide range of control system integrations, every company or institution can find the right solution to meet its security requirements. Contact ALTAS IT for a consultation or product demonstration!

Vanderbilt access control systems

ALTAS IT offers its customers products from Vanderbilt, the world's leading manufacturer of access control systems. It is the products of this manufacturer that offer the opportunity to equip not only small and medium-sized enterprises, but also high security institutions and infrastructure facilities with the highest quality solutions. Vanderbilt's product range ranges from simple single-user door reading control systems to sophisticated motion and behaviour control and monitoring systems. The company is known for technologies and integration solutions that not only successfully address a wide range of security threats, but are also easy to use and meet all current business management requirements.  

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Access control is a physical security solution that restricts, or on the contrary authorises, access to specific premises or infrastructure.

The access control system identifies the user to grant or deny access to certain rooms or groups of rooms. At the same time, access control systems can be equipped with various integrations such as time attendance, security or alarm systems.

The access control system is monitored via cloud services. Depending on the type of system. Can be divided into several segments:

    a) monitoring of technical status and technical errors,
    b) monitoring of users, active, limited, time-limited, etc.,
    c) monitoring of groups of rooms with the number of occupants, notifications of unauthorised access attempts or information on the number of occupants at the evacuation point or still in the facility.

Monitoring is carried out by self-diagnostic access control devices which pass the messages through the system server, either locally or via cloud technology if the client chooses not to use the local server.

Access control systems are installed in public administrations, high-security infrastructures and businesses such as hotels, sports clubs, construction sites, clinics, server rooms, banks, petrol stations and retail outlets.  

This type of access control system is a cloud-based access control and integrated video management solution that does not require data to be stored on a physical server. The equipment is also able to operate in the event of a data network failure.

Vanderbilt access control systems can be equipped with card and chip systems, Bluetooth, fingerprint or facial recognition.

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