Intercoms, electronic locks and security systems for homes, apartments and commercial premises

Vanderbilt intercoms, electronic combination locks and small security systems that control access to individual doors are robust, reliable and cost-effective. This category consists of high-end video door intercoms, door control systems, code locks and wireless locks.

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Modern intercoms, electronic keys and security systems - avoid unexpected expenses!

          Installing modern intercoms and security systems in homes, apartments or small offices helps to eliminate the cost of replacing keys and locks when a key is lost or, for example, in tourist and investment properties to increase security. The products are compact and easy to use, with a modern design, suitable for indoor or outdoor installation.

          Domofoni un drošības sistēmas mājām, dzīvokļiem un komerctelpām palīdz novērst atslēgas un slēdzenes nomaiņas izmaksas
          Domofona risinājums iekļauj gan mākoņa (Cloud), gan mobilās lietotnes izmantošanu

          Door control intercoms or doorbells       

          Akuvox is Vanderbilt's flagship IP intercom or Door Entry Phone (DEP) solution that enables and integrates both Cloud and Mobile Apps. We offer a range of solutions to meet your needs - from managing a single door to managing office spaces and apartment buildings.

          The Akuvox cloud intercom system ensures that:
                   - can make smartphone video calls;
                   - temporary keys can be issued using a QR code;
                   - centralised remote property maintenance.

          If you want a solution that helps you control who enters your property, and the ability to verbally and visually confirm your identity, you've come to the right place!

              Did you know?

          1.  Using the Akuvox Cloud eliminates the need for SIP servers as they are already built into the platform!
          2. Vanderbilt solutions have proven their sustainability and functionality through several industry-leading awards.

          5 reasons, why to choose Vanderbilt door control intercom: 

          Increases residential and community safety

          Easily observe door or gate entrances

          Ease of use of the cloud and mobile app

          Increases productivity by eliminating the need for guards at entrances

          Speeds up delivery by making it easier to access the building and can be done at any time if access is available

          Still not sure? Here's what else you need to know:

          Vanderbilt door control intercoms or doorbells are easy to install. All you need is one door station, one internal monitor and a POE adapter. And you have an intercom solution for your building!


          Each Akuvox product is easy to wire thanks to its screwless connection contact block.


          I installers and property managers can use the Akuvox cloud for multiple sites at the same time via online platforms.


          Wireless locks 

          Vanderbilt's Aperio wireless locks provide wireless access control in the door handle, which has a built-in battery. Thanks to easy retrofitting of internal doors and RFID support, increasing security in certain locations is finally becoming cost-effective.

          Vanderbilt have integrated Aperio with the latest ACT Enterprise access control solution, resulting in an app that allows you to control access to your facilities from your mobile device.

          Price: from 99 EUR + VAT
          Aperio bezvadu slēdzenes nodrošina ērtu bezvadu piekļuves vadību durvju rokturī
          Drošu un elastīgu identifikācijas risinājumu piedāvā Vanderbilt Bluetooth lasītāji

          Bluetooth readers BLUE-C, OSDP

          Vanderbilt Bluetooth readers are a secure and flexible identification solution that provides access credentials for Android and iOS smartphones. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) transforms everyday access control by eliminating the need for a physical card or chip. Simultaneous smartphone and broad smart card support helps bridge the gap between traditional access credentials and cardless mobile access control, and enables easy integration into existing environments .

          Price:  from  49 EUR + VAT

          Code keys (keypad with buttons)

          Compact Code Keys are easy to use. The unit has 12 protruding buttons that are clearly labelled and their meaning is easy to understand. Made of high-strength stainless steel housing and suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. The code lock controls a single door and uses a voltage-free relay contact.

          Price: from 177 EUR + VAT

          Kompaktas un vienkārši lietojamas kodu atslēgas
          Drošu identifikāciju un piekļuves kontroli nodrošinās STid piekļuves kontroles lasītāji

          STid access control readers

          Protecting people, property and data through secure identification and access control. STid provides comprehensive contactless identification solutions with readers and traditional or virtualised credentials.

          With its solutions, STid helps to enable easy and secure digital identity management by developing smart identification solutions based on the most advanced RFID, NFC, Bluetooth and IoT technologies.


          Contact ALTAS IT's knowledgeable specialists to find out about the right access control system for your project or property!  

          Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

          Intercoms are security access control systems for homes, apartments, offices and commercial premises that allow you to increase the security of your property, control access to your property, and provide video surveillance of doors and gates.

          Yes, Vanderbilt intercoms, electronic locks and door security systems are suitable for and Airbnb apartments. Our intercoms make it easier for guests to access the property without the owner being involved. Secondly, intercoms provide the highest level of property security and eliminate the risk of lost keys.

          Yes, Vanderbilt intercoms can make video calls and issue temporary QR code keys.

          Yes, Vanderbilt offers security systems for homes, apartments and commercial premises with both combination and wireless locks.

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