WISENET P video surveillance cameras

WISENET P-Series high-end cameras, developed using the most advanced technologies, provide users with an outstanding video surveillance solution. From Bullet cameras to multi-sensor cameras, the P-Series offers a wide range of products optimised for solutions that require extremely detailed information and wide coverage.

Top-level image quality and surveillance system

The WISENET P-Series provides an advanced surveillance system with outstanding 4K Ultra HD image quality. 4K Ultra HD resolution is four times higher than standard 1080p, which means it can show more detail.

In quieter periods, especially at night, digital automatic tracking can be used to detect moving objects. Ideal for tracking movement in sparsely populated areas such as parks and squares at night. It also supports defocus detection, which helps to detect when an image is out of focus and greatly improves efficiency.

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The WISENET P-Series' built-in WDR function provides improved image quality by reducing motion blur and processing clearer images.

P-Iris optimises the aperture function when multiple lighting conditions are present in the same scene, resulting in images with better contrast, clarity, resolution and depth of field. This optimisation of resolution (both in the centre and in the corners of the image), as well as optimisation of depth of field and shutter speed, results in greater image sharpness, which is particularly effective in megapixel cameras.

WISENET P-Series camera range:




TSingle-camera surveillance of areas

WISENET P-series multi-sensor cameras are equipped with multiple sensors, meaning that a single camera can successfully monitor a wide area. Multi-sensor cameras can simultaneously cover a full 360° area without blind spots. In combination with the built-in PTZ camera (PNM-9320VQP), detailed images can be captured using the effective zoom function.

Panoramic cameras can provide a wide, panoramic view of any area by combining and fusing images from multiple on-board sensors. Installing WISENET multi-sensor cameras significantly reduces installation and maintenance costs.

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Full HD multi-directional camera

The PNM-7000VD is able to monitor two areas simultaneously from multiple angles by mounting two camera lenses in one camera, eliminating the need for multiple cameras and reducing TCO (total cost of ownership).

Multi-directional camera with PTZ

The PNM-9320VQP is a 5CH camera that combines a 4-sensor multi-directional camera and a 2 MP 32x PTZ camera. The multi-camera can monitor a 360˚ wide area, while the PTZ camera can zoom in on the desired area for a closer look.

The PNM-9320VQP has a built-in 100/1000 SFP slot in the mounting base that sends high-resolution images to remote locations over the network without the risk of data corruption.

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Panoramic view cameras

Panoramic view cameras provide wide-angle ultra-high resolution images in a single camera. They create one seamless image by combining four images from each sensor.

One panoramic image  (PNM-9020V)
The PNM-9020V is a single-channel camera providing 7.3 MP panoramic images with a 180˚ horizontal and 84˚ vertical field of view. The camera provides one high-resolution panoramic image by stitching together four images.

WISENET P plus camera range:




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