Wisenet T video surveillance cameras

Choose Wisenet T-Series video surveillance cameras that work in difficult weather conditions such as rain, fog, etc., as well as specialised cameras that are explosion-proof and will increase the level of security at any site. 

To see the "invisible" with thermal camera

In unsuitable weather conditions (fog, smoke, rain) or lighting conditions (total darkness, back light), it may be difficult to distinguish people or objects against an opaque background using a visible camera or the human eye.

Accurate monitoring requires a professional surveillance system. Wisenet thermal cameras are an excellent choice: they provide high-contrast images based on the temperature difference between the object and the background, so that users can more easily detect incidents. Advanced thermal imaging technology provides high contrast so invisible details are visible without additional illumination.

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Improved video and audio analysis

Wisenet T thermal cameras offer reliable video and audio analysis for effective monitoring. The analytics improve the overall efficiency of the security system by automatically notifying users when abnormal behaviour is detected.

Wide range of applications

Wisenet thermal cameras can be a powerful tool for monitoring areas where there is very little light, as they can produce images based on heat. Thermal cameras are particularly suitable for industrial and manufacturing sites, air and sea ports.

Suitable for: industrial sites, ports, mining areas, urban surveillance, power stations, bridges, dams, border security, warehouses, etc.

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Multiple colour palettes

Wisenet thermal cameras provide seven different colour palettes so that users can choose the best image for different situations. Each colour palette has a specific set of colours that change depending on the temperature range of the scene.

Large reception range

The main task of a thermal imaging camera is to detect events that happen at a great distance. Wisenet thermal imaging cameras are equipped with a 35/19/13 mm lens (horizontal FoV 17˚/32°/49˚), allowing the detection of vehicles up to 3157 m away. The camera provides images with high colour contrast according to temperature, so it can easily distinguish between objects and backgrounds at long distances. At closer distances, it can recognise the type of object or identify characteristics by capturing details.

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VGA thermal camera range:





Explosion-proof enclosures

ATEX enclosures for hazardous environments

Industrial facilities such as gas pipelines etc. are potentially explosive due to flammable gases and dust. It is therefore important that the video surveillance system used in industrial sites is safe and does not pose a risk of explosions, while providing high quality images. Wisenet's ATEX T-Series meets both requirements thanks to its powerful network camera and its enveloping stainless steel housing.

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360˚rotation and 316L stainless steel housing for explosion protection

The TNU-6320E is able to monitor a wide range using 360˚rotation and 180˚motion, moving at a preset speed of 1~50°/s. The flexibility of the camera is enhanced by 255 preset positions, which allow users to save the rotation/tilt function settings and automatically view the desired location.

The ATEX T-Series is designed for safe operation in hazardous areas with a special housing made of 316L stainless steel. The ATEX certified housing has the ability to contain any internal explosions or prevent sparks escaping from the device which could cause a disaster.

Range of explosion-proof cameras:



 VGA thermal positioning cameras

Extensive thermal monitoring with positioning

The TNU-4051T/4041T combines a thermal camera and a positioning device capable of monitoring a wide range with 360˚ infinite rotation and -90˚ to +40˚ inclination. In addition, the flexibility of the camera is increased by 300 pre-set positions, which allow users to save the pan/tilt function settings and automatically view the desired location.

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VGA thermal positioning camera range:



 VGA thermal radiometric cameras

Temperature measurements for incident monitoring

The Wisenet Thermal Radiometric Cell has an added function that allows a temperature range of -20˚C to +130˚C. Alarms are generated and sent to users whenever the temperature of the three areas displayed on the monitoring screen is higher/lower than the set value or the temperature rises/fall outside the pre-set range. In addition, the average/minimum/maximum temperature of the three areas is displayed on the screen to allow more accurate temperature measurements. This makes radiometric cameras ideal for monitoring high-risk areas, such as power plants with fire hazardous environments.

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The selected temperature range is displayed in bright colours

Using a hybrid colour palette, the selected temperature range can be displayed in vivid colours, helping users to monitor monitoring areas more easily. The temperature of the defined range is highlighted in white or black and white, ensuring that the camera with thermal detector covers all surveillance areas.

VGA range of thermal radiometric cameras:




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