Wisenet X Plus video surveillance cameras

Wisenet X Plus Series cameras are designed to significantly reduce the time normally required for installation, set-up and maintenance adjustments. 

With a four-part modular design that simplifies the installation process, Wisenet X Plus Dome cameras are equipped with several other practical features that help reduce the time installers have to spend on site. These include:

  • magnets that hold the sensor modules in the dome housing;

  • Pre-configure IP network settings (without removing the camera module from the box);

  • the mains cable can be inserted through the watertight seal (using the supplied plastic device), thus eliminating the need to re-form the cable end;

  • a movable PTRZ part with a motor that allows installers to remotely rotate, tilt and zoom the lens position to set the field of view of the camera.

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" We believe that these features make the Wisenet X Plus dome cameras among the fastest to install and easy to maintain," says  Uri Guterman , Product and Marketing Manager for Hanwha Vision Europe. "We are delighted that in an extremely competitive market we can provide installers and system integrators with an advantage that they can use when tendering for video surveillance projects that may require a large number of cameras, as installing Wisenet X Plus helps save them time and resources."

Hanwha Vision offers 15 different Wisenet X Plus models, which include different options such as what is already inside the camera or what can be built in. All models feature Wisenet 5, which is the most powerful DSP chip ever built into any camera range. 

In addition, the 2 MP models use the world's best WDR (wide-dynamic-range) technology, which provides up to 150 dB of dynamic range to accurately process images that contain both very bright and very dark areas, while the 5 MP models use 120 dB WDR technology.


Main function:

In addition to the many features built into the standard Wisenet X Plus cameras, the new Dome cameras also boast an impressive list of other features. These include:

Wider operating range

Extended tilt range of up to 85 degrees for wide coverage, especially when cameras are installed in areas with low ceilings.

Impact detection function

Shock detection technology is included, which detects unusual physical impacts and generates alerts using on-board gyro sensors, so operators can react quickly to any incidents.

Audio playback for predefined events

Up to five pre-recorded alert messages can be stored in the Wisenet X Plus dome camera and can be programmed to play automatically when defined events occur.

Protection of the environment

The chambers have a GORE® valve to protect the enclosure against water, salt or corrosive liquids. They can be fitted with an additional weather protection cap. All chambers have an operating range of -50° to 60°C, making them suitable for use in very cold/hot environments.

Wisenet X Plus camera range:


XND-6081 RF

XND-8081 RV

XNV-8081 R

XND-8081 RF

XND-6081 F

XND-6081 RV

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