Wisenet7 video surveillance cameras

The Wisenet 7 from Hanwha Vision is the most technology- and feature-rich and innovative video surveillance camera series. The camera class stands for excellence thanks to innovations in image quality, cybersecurity and data analysis.

Outstanding 4K resolution

Wisenet7 camera devices deliver clear and vivid images with up to 4K resolution, suitable for applications such as criminal investigations. The F1.2 varifocal lens developed by Hanwha Vision is the brightest of the 4K lenses and has been introduced to the 4K camera range.


Improved WDR technology

Wisenet7 CCTV cameras incorporate advanced WDR technology to reduce noise from the WDR imaging process. This ensures clear and well-contrasted images even in extreme backlight conditions.

Improved image resolution technology

Wisenet7 camera technology uses different filters for moving and stationary areas in the camera's field of view. This reduces blurring in the moment of motion and improves the edge and colour resolution of objects, making them easier to identify when watching live video.


Improved correction of distortion in lens-generated images

Wisenet7 lens distortion correction technology corrects video distortion caused by wide-angle lenses and provides video that more closely resembles what the human eye sees.

Taking cybersecurity to the next level

The Wisenet 7 range of cameras provides the highest possible level of cyber security with its Root CA device certificate issuance system. Hanwha  Vision's  "Secure by Default" cybersecurity policy embeds unique certificates in all products (at every stage of the development and manufacturing process). The cybersecurity policy thus meets the stringent UL CAP standards as well as the brand requirements for product reliability and design innovation.

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Secure by Default

At Hanwha Vision, cybersecurity begins at the product development stage and continues on long after a product has reached its end of production. Our innovative hardware technologies and usage of cybersecurity best practices ensure that network and IP camera devices meet the highest levels of security achievable.

Object tracking using artificial intelligence

Wisenet7-equipped PTZ Plus cameras use artificial intelligence algorithms to automatically detect people or vehicles for object tracking. They also allow users to manually select objects on the screen for continuous tracking.

Vector-based display (OSD - on-screen-display)

Wisenet7's use of on-screen vector graphics ensures clear coverage regardless of the resolution of the image and offers the possibility to choose from an unlimited number of display colours and other options. It also allows the use of customised logos and images to be displayed live or in the subsequently exported video.

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Easy-to-install modular design

Wisenet7 cameras use the same innovative modular camera design as the X-Series Plus cameras, ensuring easy and convenient camera installation and maintenance.

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Lower bandwidth and storage requirements

Hanwha Vision WiseStream II technology combined with H.265 compression reduces bandwidth and storage requirements by up to 75% compared to current H.264 technology without sacrificing image quality.

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Built-in gyro sensor

Motion blur caused by wind and vibrations is significantly reduced by advanced digital image stabilisation technology combined with a built-in gyro sensor. This enables high-resolution images even in adverse conditions.

Video/audio analytics without licence

Wisenet7's built-in video and audio analytics tool is licence-free and includes face and body recognition, intelligent motion analysis and audio classification to detect gunshots, explosions, screams and broken glass. Analytical events can be used to trigger alarms as well as audio playback in response.

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Convenient USB Wi-Fi installation

Using the USB Wi-Fi adapter, technicians can quickly connect to Wisenet7 camera devices using the Wisenet installer app on their mobile device to check and change the camera's focus and field of view, significantly reducing the time needed to set up each device.

Insert two microSD cards

Wisenet7 cameras have two microSD card slots to store up to 1 TB of recorded video, keeping your data safe in the event of a network outage.

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